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Bridging the Gap

Between Theory & Cashflow

Real Estate Buying Tour

“Bridging The Gap Between Theory & Cash Flow

Paul spent years and tens of thousands of dollars developing a system that results in great properties, great returns and great teams that can service the needs of your out of state investments. He has identified and screened real estate professionals in every service area for out of state real estate investing. Even with great professionals currently in place Paul’s always keeping his eyes open, to add to his team, in order to make cashflow purchasing for you more secure and profitable.

Paul truly believes in the concept of “staying together”. When you use the same team and buy in the same general areas you have more power or influence as a bigger client than just as a sole investor. This gives you the ability to not only influence the services of your team but it helps improve the areas you invest in by making them cleaner and safer. This in turn also makes these neighborhoods more profitable areas for you to continue to invest in.

A lower price point means higher returns. Many of the units on the tour are under 100k. So even with the current lending situation, you don’t have to have tons of cash to get into a property. Your dollar goes much further in the areas Paul is investing in, which allows you to buy more properties or larger properties, because you have less cash out of pocket. Paul also has contractors if you don’t mind taking on a rehab project and/or to assist you with maintaining your rental properties. Many of these opportunities can be purchase at extremely low price point per unit. Although, Paul’s goal is to provide turnkey properties, that have less risk involved, he does offer a variety of properties needing rehab.

Paul’s proven system is what you get! Though it still is investing and there are no guarantees. The market conditions are always changing and Paul continues to evaluate the market and listen to your needs to keep improving his system and products. “Get More Details”

Real Estate Empire Academy

“Massively Accelerate Your Financial Results

The Real Estate Empire Academy is not a big, thick, boring, shiny manual full of theory! It’s Paul, for two full days, spilling his guts about his real estate strategies and techniques. Paul unlocks his real estate knowledge vault and shares everything he can over two days. Nothing will be held back and no topic or discussion is off limits. If you’re looking to take your real estate investing to the next level then you need to attend the Real Estate Empire Academy! “Details Here”

Hawaii Wealth Summit

“Are YOU Looking to Create More Wealth In Your Life

The fundamentals of wealth and success never change. You will learn what’s working, what’s not working and what you need to do to explode your business. How to earn more, work less and how to work on your business rather than in your business. Everything you will learn is transformational and strategic. “Details Here”